Pay Per Click (PPC) Tips and Tricks for Small Businesses

PPC can be a good marketing strategy for small businesses to use when they want to quickly improve their search results on Google and Bing. Since PPC are paid ads, they show up at the top of the search results page above the organic results.

Be Aware of Potential Ad Fraud

Ad fraud is a big concern for businesses using PPC. These targeted attacks can quickly eat up your campaign dollars and leave you wondering what happened. Fortunately, Google and Bing does monitor for fraud and will refund your account. However, this can take time and could result in your ad being offline for hours or even days at a time.

You should monitor your currently running ads using an appropriate tool. These tools can let you know if something looks suspicious. Some even will block fraudulent clicks and initiate a refund claim with the search engine automatically.

Optimize Content on Your Landing Pages

The last thing someone wants is to be taken to a page that has nothing to do with the ad they just clicked on. Believe us, it happens and results in the person clicking off the page, which is a waste of your campaign dollars.

The content should be relevant to your ad. You should avoid using pop-ups and verify the speed at which the landing page loads. If you use embedded links on your landing pages, make sure they open up in a new window.

Incorporate Long Tail and Localization Keywords

For more targeted results, your ad should include either long tail or localization keywords. These same keywords should also be used within your landing page content. Both types of keywords help narrow what search results are displayed and reduce the amount of times your ad shows up in less generalized searches. Additionally, both types of keywords help increase relevant search traffic.

Create Your PPC Budget

When establishing your PPC budget, you will need to decide what your objectives and goals are from your ads. How many new leads are you hoping to generate? What type of ROI (return on investment) are you expecting? What is your target audience?

You also want to make sure you do not burn through your budget too fast. This often occurs when you use generalized keywords that are vague. It can also occur if you fail to incorporate negative keywords into your campaigns.

Test, Monitor, and Update as Needed

Once your ads are active does not mean you are done. You will want to continue to test, monitor, and update your ads to improve their performance. In some cases, you may want to eliminate some keywords and try out new ones.

PPC can help drive traffic and increase business when implemented correctly. It is highly recommended to use PPC along with organic SEO strategies to further build solid rankings. To learn more about PPC or to launch a new campaign, please contact the PPC and web marketing experts at Webryze by calling (416) 900-1047 today!