How Small Businesses Can Benefit from Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms are vital marketing tools for small businesses. Just like any business, their goal is to reach a large audience, generate new leads, and increase sales of their products and services. However, most small businesses have limited marketing budgets, so using the same online marketing strategies as medium and large business is not always possible.

Fortunately, the one tool all small businesses have access to is social media. Establishing an online presence through social media has relatively no costs, other than the time to set up your account, create you profile, and add some posts.

It is worth pointing out just because you set up a Facebook business page, have a Twitter feed, or other social media accounts, they do not automatically bring in new leads. To generate interest and a following on social media requires putting your marketing skills to work or retaining the help of an experienced online marketing company.

The first thing you need to do is post some relevant content to your social media sites. For instance, Facebook allows you to post text content, video content, and pictures. It is one of the more well-rounded platforms you can use.

Facebook also recently launched a “Shop” section you can add to your business page to sell your products or services on Facebook. Additionally, you can take out paid ads on Facebook. These ads will show up in your targeted audience feeds and could help generate new leads. Creating ads is not expensive, yet it does take time to tailor the ads before you start to see noticeable results.

Pinterest is another great site to use if you want to post pictures of your products. You can monitor how many people “pin” your images to see how much interest the pictures are generating.

You could also use Instagram if you want to post both pictures and videos. Just make sure to use low pressure selling on Pinterest and Instagram and remember to link to your Facebook shopping page, or you ecommerce product page.

When developing content and deciding what you will post, it is best to ask yourself who is your target audience? This will allow you to tailor the posts and content to that specific group. By posting targeted content, you will slowly start building a following on social media.

It is also beneficial to add links to your new social media platforms on your business’ website pages. If you post blogs, articles, or other types of content on your website, make sure these are socially shared to your social media sites, too.

Another benefit of social media marketing is the content you post, especially on Facebook, is indexed by the major search engines. As a result, with the right marketing strategies, you could potentially find your small business’ social media page on page one of the search results.

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