Top SEO Trends for 2017 to Rank on Google

Google is known to make changes to its ranking criteria and algorithms on an ongoing basis. To that end, we have seen updates like Penguin, and more recently Panda. In addition, Google has its RankBrain technology. If you do not stay on top of these changes and adapt, you could easily see your page one rankings for to page one hundred overnight!
For 2017, there are some emerging SEO trends you need to be aware of in order to maintain and achieve top rankings. Keep in mind backlink and link building strategies are still important, but we are not going to cover that here since these are not a new trend, but existing ones.
RankBrain has become Google’s number three ranking factor. RankBrain is a machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI) that can teach itself based on how we search to provide better search results. Rank Brain also looks at the data Google’s indexing algorithms gather and is identifying those sites using black hat (bad) SEO practices.
To utilize RankBrain and its AI you need to develop quality content that brings value to deliver exceptional experiences. Google still places a high priority on quality over quantity. And speaking of delivering outstanding user experiences, mobile is expanding as a ranking factor.
Today, more than 60% of all searches are done on a mobile device. Businesses can no longer ignore mobile optimization. AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) are starting to become highly demanded. While not an “official” ranking factor, expect AMP to be one in the near future.
So if your website is not mobile friendly or even if it, but not using AMP, you need to start implementing AMP now. Slow loading mobile pages are just as bad as traditional desktop browsing slow loading pages. Site visitors will back the click or close them quickly, which hurts your rankings.
With Siri, Echo, Google Voice, Cortana, and other voice recognition assistants becoming more widely used, so too are voice searches. People tend to ask more specific questions for voice searches so you need to adjust your keyword strategies. As such, your content needs to be optimized with long tail keywords.
Another trend is the move away from HTTP to HTTPS for websites and web pages. The “S” at the end simply means the site and pages offer better security for site visitors. Google does take notice and is giving HTTPS sites and pages higher placement in search results.
While you are taking steps to review your current SEO strategies to improve rankings on Google, this is also the perfect time to review ranking strategies on Bing. Bing users are growing in numbers and now accounts for about a quarter of all searches.
As you can see, there are several new trends you need to be aware of and update your content if you want to maintain your current rankings. For further information and assistance in developing and updating your website, web pages, and SEO strategies, please feel free to contact Webryze at (416) 900-1047 today!