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Six Secrets about SEO Services Nobody Tells You

SEO (search engine optimization) service in Toronto is a great marketing strategy, which is both cost-effective and efficient, so long as it is implement correctly and you are able to overcome one of the major obstacles standing in your way – Your competitors! For most small business owners, competing with one another when it comes…


Google Rankbrain and Search Engine Optimization SERPs: What You Need to Know

Google recently unveiled a new update it is incorporating into its search engine: Rankbrain. This new update is different from previous updates as it uses “smart technologies,” likened to AI (artificial intelligence). The effects of Rankbrain on SEO (search engine optimization) SERPs (search engine result placements) will influence what types of search results are displayed…


Discover 12 Secrets for On Page Optimization

On page optimization is an essential part of effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategies many small and medium businesses tend to overlook because they fail to understand the relevance of optimizing their web pages and how their efforts have a direct effect on SERPs (search engine result placements). To fully optimize a page, our Toronto…


HTTPS: Why It Should Be Enabled on Your Website

HTTPS is an Internet webpage protocol you can use to help make browsing experiences more secure for your visitors. HTTPS encrypts the communications between the site visitor and the webpage they are visiting. Why does this matter? Let’s say the visitor is reviewing their previous order history on your ecommerce shopping website and you do…


SEO Strategies: Dead and Outdated Practices

Just like fashion, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is constantly changing and evolving. What is “hot” and “trendy” today is quickly displaced by something else. With SEO strategies need to be reviewed regularly, at least a few times each year, to ensure your website continues to get the exposure and SERPs (Search Engine Result Placements) it…