PPC Management

Webryze provides expert multi-platform advertising solutions for all size businesses. We design customer campaigns to ensure the most effective methods and techniques are implemented to enhance and improve web presence and generate large volumes of traffic. Our expert SEO marketers build and optimize accounts for optimal online reach and targeting.

PPC Platforms

Webryze offers expert PPC (pay per click) solutions. We provide our customers with Google AdWords management and optimization services for all search engines and social media sites. Our SEO strategies include methods and techniques designed to maximize reach over a targeted audience to ensure both campaign effectiveness and the highest return on investment.

Tools and Software

Webryze takes the time to learn your business, products and services to be able to best understand your needs. By doing so, we are able to customize your campaign to ensure its effectiveness. Our custom designed tools assist us in research, development and optimization of PPC campaigns. We also understand the important need to measure campaign effectiveness, to ensure the highest results.

Webryze Advanced PPC Solution


During the initial business consultation, Webryze gets to know your business, its products, services and goal(s). By doing so, we are able to understand your specific needs, such as signups, sales, branding or inquiries and begin to discuss and devise an effective strategy.

Research and Strategy

Our PPC strategists determine KPIs- key performance indicators. Key factors, including customer budget, are considered in order to come up with the best campaigns possible. Our PPC strategists perform:

Competitor Analysis: Webryzetargets your competitors to learn more about their effective strategies. This approach helps us to optimize success while enhancing a more effective SEO campaign.

Keyword Research: With the use of advanced internal and external tools, we are able to uncover the most effective keywords.

Negative Keyword Development: When devising an effective campaign, negative keyword development is important. Knowing what words are used in the negative will help qualify whom you show your advertisements to.

Placement Research: Webryze knows the importance of placement research and demographics and the vital role they play in conversion. We determine the best sites that correlate with your product or service for optimal results.

Building / Rebuilding of Campaigns

By analyzing existing campaigns, Webryze is able to determine the effectiveness of the campaign and whether it should be rebuilt. We look at the click through rate to determine the cost per click and cost per acquisition. This allows us the insight we require to determine the best course of action to take.

Our PPC Strategists will:

Keywords: We research keywords to uncover the most used and highly effective keywords to utilize and study your advertisements to determine poor performing keywords. With this, we are able to determine the best choice in keywords.

AdGroups: Tightly themed AdGroups are important to ensure maximum search queries. Webryze builds and refines your AdGroups to enhance and ensure their effectiveness.

AdCopy: Talents of our PPC experts include expert copywriting skills making it possible to ensure the effectiveness of your ads.

Targeting: Key aspects of campaigns are handled by our PPC strategists like ad-scheduling, placements, geographic regions and demographics to ensure effective targeting.

Conversion Tracking: CPA is lowered while ROI is maximized with the utilization of tracking setup and refinement.

Alerts: With custom alert setups, we are quickly alerted to any problems.

Monitoring and Optimizing

Once Webryze has built your campaign, it then goes live. At this stage, we have real time data of the successes and failures occurring in the campaign. With this data, we are able to optimize the campaign to achieve optimal performance.

Our PPC Strategists will:

Keywords: By gathering keyword data, we are able to eliminate poor performing keywords and build on effective keywords to continually enhance campaigns.

AdCopy: Webryze split testsAdCopy, running multiple advertisements to improve click through rate.

Targeting: Gathering and tracking campaign data allows us to make explicit decision of hen, where and whom we show advertisements to.

Testing and Experimenting

Our ongoing optimization services include testing and experimenting with segments of customer campaigns to determine the most effective settings and components.

Our PPC strategist perform testing and experiments through:

Split Testing AdCopy: Webryze split tests adcopy to ensure we have the most effective campaigns running.

Testing Targeting: Webryze tests demographics, scheduling and placements through small segments of campaigns to improve their effectiveness.

Bid Experimentation: Webrzye tests CPA and ROI changes based on bid adjustments.

Experimentation of Placement: Through trailing and monitoring new opportunities for effective ad placement, we are able to maximize the reach of each customer’s campaign, while minimizing risks.

Reporting and Communicating

Webryze provides our clients with detailed and transparent reports. We utilize project management tools for the easy convenience to our clients to view work being performed and campaigns being run. Our goals are also long-term optimization, which we continually discuss and share with our customers to always ensure they have the most effective campaign.

Webryzeis Canada’s most appreciated and respected SEO company, helping Canada’s most reputable brands with SEO services, and we welcome the opportunity to help you with your business SEO needs. Contact us today at 1 866 736 5540.


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